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About Us

Our Story

Appletree Childcare & Learning Center is a family owned business with a passion for high quality preschool education, and we focus on nurturing the whole child with their social, cognitive, gross motor and creative expressions.  Our programs are responsive to the needs of our children.

Appletree Childcare and Learning Center is a Keystone Stars 4 accredited preschool that promotes early childhood experiences.  Our Center offers individual classrooms for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Pre-K children. In addition, we offer an after-school program for children Kindergarten to 5th grades.

Our Programs

Appletree Childcare & Learning Center offers individual classrooms to meet the needs of children in each age group:  Infants, Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Pre-K children. We also offer a program for after-school children (K to 5th)


Appletree Childcare & Learning Center is a Keystone STAR-4 accredited center that brings quality and caring services to your children.

Our Approach

All children are supervised at all times. Within the Center, each staff person is assigned specific children to supervise. We use gentle and encouraging language in the presence of children as they are guided in group and individual play.

Teachers use best practices in the classroom and serve as role models as children are engaged in dialogue, creative play, and self-learning.

  • A safe and nurturing place to learn

  • Busy stimulating fun-filled rooms

  • Curriculum that encourages learning

  • Strategies to help children develop self-control and self-regulation

  • A balance of physical activities, social experiences, and learning stimulation

Appletree encourages strong communication with parents, and teachers are available to discuss your child’s development and progress. Appletree provides a personal daily written report for each Infant, Toddler, Pre-school and Pre-K child on their daily activities. Other announcements and reports are left in the child’s cubby for the parent to take home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, clean, exciting, high-quality early learning environments focused on learn-through-play. Our teachers guide children in developing their social, emotional, cognitive, gross motor and creative art skills which builds confidence and success.

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